Providing year round sports programs for all school aged children in the Southwest neighborhoods of Minneapolis



SWAC Hockey is mostly outdoor hockey played on weeknight evenings under lights and Saturdays. Fundamental teams may play one or two games indoors, while City leagues may play four or more total games indoors. As you can imagine, we strive to balance affordability and season length. All teams will practice at least twice indoors in December. We strive to keep this an affordable hockey experience. Costs are around $60 for Fundamental and under $100 for City leagues. The fee includes games, jersey, and December indoor ice practice hours.

What about the weather?

Flexibility is key for families who sign up for MPRB hockey. Season play typically starts in the first week of January and runs through mid-February. If outdoor ice has not set, or has thawed, or low temperature/wind chill cause game cancellations, every effort will be made to reschedule the game outside. In general, every team will have several games rescheduled. Fundamentals typically do not play all games scheduled ( at least in the prior three years!) Temperature guidelines are for the hearty: most games are played as long as actual temp is over about five degrees Farenhite with minimal wind chill. Participants will receive specific temperature and wind chill guidelines from coaches. Children may, of course, takes warm-up breaks in the warming huts during practices and, if necessary, during games. Dress your children WARMLY. Many participants wear ear wraps, modified face masks, gloves under hockey gloves, and medium-weight jackets under the hockey jerseys. You know your child. Protect exposed skin.

Some donated equipment is available, including skates, helmets, and shin guards. Required equipment: shin guards, helmet, mouthguard. Players must purchase individual mouthguards and personal protective gear (athletic cup) if desired. At the beginning of the registration timeframe, registered participants may go through the boxes of donated equipment at the park. Please sign out equipment and return equipment at season end. To keep costs down, we encourage participants to order new jerseys only when necessary: new participant, body-size change. SWAC-owned goalie equipment and sticks will be issued to every team.

Fundamental Hockey is a play-to-learn and, practically, a learn-to-skate league for children grades one through three. Prior skating experience is not required. Fundamental hockey introduces skills through simple drills and games. Participants will play all positions. As in most Fundamental programs, about one third of the scheduled game time will focus on skating and skill drills. Games are loosely officiated for safety by on-ice coaches. Offsides is generally not introduced until late in the season, and only reminders are given, no penalties.

City League/MPRB Hockey plays almost half of the season games indoors at Parade and North East (Edison) arenas. Most players will wear more than the minimal equipment. Skating experience is strongly recommended, but previous hockey experience is not required. Coaches emphasize skating and game-specific skills. While all players play at least one period, positional rotation is not required. Player skill varies widely in this league. All MPRB games are officiated by paid referees.


  • Hockey Girls - Grade
  • Penguins Division - 3rd/4th/5th
  • Polar Bear Division - 6th/7th/8th


  • Hockey Open - Grade
  • Squirt Division - 1st/2nd/3rd
  • 11U Division - 4th/5th
  • 13U Division - 6th/7th
  • 15U Division - 8th/9th

* League play begins in early January.

* Jerseys and hockey socks are provided.

About Us

The Southwest Activities Council (SWAC) was formed as an all volunteer organization to organize and administer Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board youth sports programs for the children in the southwest neighborhoods of Minneapolis.