Providing year round sports programs for all school aged children in the Southwest neighborhoods of Minneapolis

SWAC Team Formation Policy

Teams are formed based with the following goals:

  • All athletes have the opportunity to develop skills and participate
  • Form new friendships
  • Balance strength and skill levels
  • Athletes return the following season

Have fun!!!

Fundamental Level (K-1st grade)

Fundamental teams are formed by the sport coordinator. The sport coordinator will attempt to honor at least 1 teammate request per player.

Squirt Level, 10U and older

Teams at the squirt level and up will be formed via a player draft. At least 1 coach and/or team rep but no more than 2 per team will attend the draft and divide teams with the sport coordinator. Players will be ranked 1-4 by coaches/team reps and the sport coordinator. Ghost teams (teams in need of a coach or team rep) will be represented by the sport coordinator.

1= player has above average skills

2= player has average skills

3= player is still developing

4= player is unknown

Coaches/team reps take turns choosing players from each skill level. Teams should be balanced in terms of skill level and age. All coaches and team reps must agree to the final rosters. Teammate requests are not guaranteed but coaches/team reps will attempt to honor 1 request per player if possible. Pre-picking teams and/or players is discouraged.


Please be respectful of the final rosters. SWAC board members, sport coordinators, and coaches are VOLUNTEERS who dedicate many hours to running a successful youth sports program.

About Us

The Southwest Activities Council (SWAC) was formed as an all volunteer organization to organize and administer Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board youth sports programs for the children in the southwest neighborhoods of Minneapolis.